Welcome to Uttarakhand Excise!

The Excise Department of Uttarakhand is the second largest revenue contributor of the state government. The department had a challenging objective to automate the alcohol supply chain management system in whole Uttarakhand in real time mode and to increase the revenue collection for the department. Also, interfaces to all the stakeholders of department shall be automated to expedite the service delivery to citizen & business.

Uttarakhand Excise Management System is an Online Business Application to generate online Permits & Issue passes to various Licensees of Uttarakhand Excise Department as well as monitor the inventory levels at various Distilleries, Breweries, Bonds and wholesales.

As a Part of e-Governance initiative, Uttarakhand Excise Department, has implemented a Web-based solution, Excise Management System as an IT solution.

24 July

From 24-July-2018 FL-36 (Transport Permit) will be issued within 4 days from Permit issue date of Nirgam Aadesh.

23 Aug

All Retail Shop Licensees(IMFL/CL) and Hotel/Bar are requested to make e-Challan mandatory. no manual challan will be used after 26-Aug-2018. Please perform first transaction with small challan amount for confirmation.

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